The Orange Conference 2015


I am so excited for The Orange Conference 2015!! #OC15 is a conference for Family Ministry Teams. It is right around the corner, April 29 -May 1. Last year was my first year attending and I am hooked!

The Orange Conference does a great job of holding the tension between deep thinking and creativity. I walked away challenged, inspired, energized, and full of vision for the passions in my heart.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from last year:

“Smart parents don’t want more to do, they want to do a few things better” Mike Clear

“Your awkward prayers as a parent are more impactful to your child than a perfectly constructed prayer from the pastor”

“Preschool – Embrace – Help them embrace God’s love

Elementary – Engage – help them trust God’s character and live out God’s story

Middle School – Shift – Help them own their own faith, never let them do faith alone.

High School – Mobilize – Help them deepen their discipleship and lean into their greater mission” Kristen Ivy

“Brave their [kids and teenagers] mess: diapers and drool to divorce//learning to making bad choices. Speak life into the messy places. Mess is not final or fatal” Heather Zempel  

“Church isn’t about you, it’s about what God can do through you, not for you” Jeff Henderson

“Unexpressed doubt is toxic in the life of a teenager. Silence is toxic” Kara Powell

“What to say to a teenager . . .’I don’t know but Jesus is bigger than our biggest question” Kara Powell

“It’s ok to not be ok, but it’s not ok to stay that way” Perry Nobel

“Say YES to finding your story in His-story”

These are just some of the nuggets I took away from The Orange Conference 2014. If you can join thousands of other in Georgia, it will be worth every penny. If you have not registered you can do so here.

Let me know if you are going! I would love to connect with you.

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