Wait !?! What !?! TWINS!

The day we doubled

Happy Birthday Josiah and Daniel!  Let me tell you how the story began. . .

The day I found out I was pregnant:

We were in the middle of renovating our house. We had no flooring or furniture downstairs. I hadn’t been feeling well and assumed it was from all the fumes of construction. One evening we had prepared our dinner and created a little picnic on the concrete floor in the living room. I don’t remember what prompted me to take a pregnancy test, but I did. Sitting on the floor with Josh, Ashley, and Sam (who was a little over 1) I announced we would be adding one more to our family. I think Josh and I were in shock. No, I know Josh and I were in shock! This was not planned. To be honest, I wasn’t super excited about being pregnant. This didn’t “fit” in our “plan”. I spent the next couple months trying to come to terms that life would change. We went in to our 9 week ultrasound and saw a big baby and a heart beating strong. Life was there. My thoughts, “Ok Lord, I trust you.”

The day that made us freak out:

The life growing inside of me showed on my body quickly. People noticed right away. If I had wanted to hide this pregnancy, there was no way I could have. Josh and I showed up to the 20 week ultrasound excited to see how this baby would break the tie: would it be a girl or boy? As I looked around at all the other ladies in the waiting room they didn’t even look pregnant! Here I was looking huge. The mantra I kept saying was that it was just my third pregnancy.

As we settled into our ultrasound room, we were given a  student technician, she was focused on her job and not very chatty. She kept moving that wand around my large belly taking pictures of the important parts; cervice, placenta, etc. Josh, my fun loving husband, kept asking me what I had eaten that morning since I had lumps in my stomach. We laughed, told horror stories of parents finding out they were having twins, and just waited to find out if we were having a girl or boy.

The official technician poked her head in our room and asked the student if she noticed anything abnormal about the ultrasound? Instantly, Josh looked at me with BIG eyes! He asks, “are there two babies in there?” The student said she was trying to stay focused on the things she was supposed to look at and didn’t want to get distracted by all the feet and hands. WAIT?!? ALL THE FEET AND HANDS? The technician says, “YOU’RE HAVING TWINS!!!”

I’m not sure I heard much more after that. I do remember being cold in a extremely warm room. Tears kept running down my face. The official technician took over and told me she knew I didn’t know because they had only scheduled me for a 45 minute appointment. Twin ultrasounds are normally 90 minutes. I was in shock! Literal shock! What about the 9 week ultrasound? Turns out, one of the babies thought it would be fun to hide.

Lord, how are we going to do this? How are we going to afford this? Wait, what? Twins? Are you sure? Over the next couple days I would have waves of anxiety as I thought about what the future would hold for the Baker family.

As my physical body transformed to so did my walk with Jesus. The Lord kept telling me, “I’ve got this. Trust me. I am sending you into new places. I am doing something new.” Those little boys growing inside of me have truly changed our life. God was so gracious to me during my pregnancy, physically and spiritually. I finally surrendered and many times a day would say, “Lord, I trust you.”

That day in January, rocked our world. Little did I know what an amazing blessing I was carrying. Two little identical twin boys that would complete our family, cause us to depend more on the Lord than ever before, and ultimately changed the trajectory of our family.

Little did I know on that day I would only spend 13 more weeks caring them in my womb. But that is for another post. . .



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